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“It takes courage to say yes to rest and play, in a culture where exhaustion is a seen as status symbol.”

-Brene Brown

My Story

    My journey into the world of food and health began in college when for the first time, I grappled with weight issues.  I became a vegetarian and quit smoking, thinking that's what "healthy" people do, right?  Turns out, ditching those habits didn't solve the weight problem, and my anxiety kicked into high gear, meddling with my life.

    A decade later, after dealing with gestational diabetes, my doctor sounded the alarm about a potential future with diabetes. A wakeup call, to say the least.

    Then, I stumbled upon Michael Pollan's eye-opening book, "In Defense of Food." It blew my mind, revealing the real essence of food. That was my lightbulb moment—realizing I'd been approaching nutrition all wrong, stuck in the trap of the Western Diet's allure of cheap, convenient, but nutritionally empty food-like products.

    Even though we were cooking at home, I was shocked by the amount of processed food sneaking into our meals. Trader Joe’s frozen meals, healthy? Not so much.

    Determined to overhaul my family's eating habits, my mission became crystal clear: provide my kids with nourishing meals and instill in them the wisdom of embracing real food for a healthy, fulfilling life.

    So, I cleaned out my pantry, ditched the processed stuff, and embraced a whole new way of eating. Homemade tortillas and all. My kids became the ones with almonds and salads in their lunch boxes, sparking lunchroom barter tales— yes their friends actually wanted their food!!

    My passion for learning continued, devouring books on health, nutrition, and cooking. Inspired by my husband, I delved into the world of the Keto diet. Skeptical yet intrigued, I immersed myself in research, eventually deciding to give it a shot.     The science of training my body to use fat as fuel fascinated me, and I dove in, testing my blood glucose and ketones at home. The result? A remarkable 35-pound weight loss.

    After a year of eating a Keto diet, I found a balanced approach, weaving together various dietary elements, all anchored in real, whole foods, maintaining my weight loss for six years! Call it coincidence, but anxiety is no longer a bother.

    Now, fast forward to 2020—a year of seismic shifts for all. Working in the veterinary field, an industry hit hard by the pandemic, made me confront my stress and life satisfaction. I realized I had been putting my happiness on hold, waiting for the next break, weekend, or the end of my shift. Not the pace of life I wanted. What's the point of being healthy if you can't enjoy life? So, I made the overdue decision to bid adieu to the overworked job.

    A midlife career change wasn't in the plans, but it opened the door for me to pursue my passion for cooking and health. Back in school, I earned certifications as a nutritionist and health coach. Now, I'm fully immersed in a lifestyle of health and wellness, eager to inspire others on their own journeys.


Training & Credentials
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, California State University, East Bay

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Bauman College

  • Certified Health and Well-being Coach, Wellcoaches

  • Certified Culinary Coach, Institute of Lifestyle Medicine

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